I forgot to enter my discount code, can I add it in?


Once an order has been made we cannot add/amend discount codes or refund partial amounts. Good news is you can always use it next time.


Can I make changes to my order?

We will try our best. Please reach out to our Customer Care team as soon as possible - if your order has not been packed for shipping we may be able to make changes to your order - however, if it’s too late, sorry, it’s too late!


I've entered my shipping address wrong - how can I change it?

Please contact Customer Care right away, if your order hasn’t been shipped we may be able to make changes, however, if it’s too late you will need to get in touch with the relevant shipping provider. We cannot guarantee they will be able to change it either - sorry!



What is the status of my order?

Once your item has been shipped please allow up to 2 business days for the shipping confirmation email. You can track your parcel via the link and follow it’s delivery.

If you don't receive any updates for quite some time please contact Customer Care.


Why was I charged twice?

If you see duplicate charges, please give it a few days and it should fall off and the issue should be rectified automatically.

However if it still remains and you are positive you only placed one order, please send us an email to info@shekouwoman.com with a screenshot of the duplicate charge for further assistance (please double check your charge doesn't specify pending).


I have not received an order confirmation email, what should I do?

If you have not received an order confirmation email either your order did not process or your email address is incorrect. If you were charged, please email our customer care team with your order date and shipping details or phone number.